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Filling materials are used to optimize the plastics’ properties. Optimization is mainly focused on stiffness increase, shrinkage reduction, surface improvement as well as cost and weight reduction.

Materials of high importance for thermoplastics are mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch (CaCO3)

High-quality CaCO3 masterbatch with high percentage of CaCO3, wide-ranging application possibilities in plastics processing

Appearance: Granulate
Color: white
CaCO3 percentage: 80%


Milled glass fiber – not just a filler


Milled fiber helps reduce shrinkage and increases flame retardance, enhancing the dispersion and flowability of plastic granules. Unlike standard milled fillers, milled fiber maintains consistent quality in grit size and color. We offer milled fiber with or without a silane-based surface treatment.

Fiber length: 75-200 µ
Density: 0,2-1 g/cm³
Colour: white

Fields of application:
Compounds, Paints and coatings, gelcoats