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ECTA Handelsgesellschaft mbH actively contributes to the first goal of the United Nations for sustainable development through several initiatives. The company ensures fair wages and working conditions for all employees and advocates for ethical labor standards. By promoting justice in its supply chain, the company fosters fair treatment and compensation for suppliers, particularly from disadvantaged regions. These comprehensive efforts underscore ECTA’s commitment to combating poverty and promoting sustainable development.


ECTA demonstrates a strong commitment to fighting hunger through regular and sustainable donations to a variety of local and international organizations. These ongoing contributions testify to the company’s deeply rooted commitment to taking social responsibility and contributing to sustainable development on a global scale. By supporting needy communities worldwide, ECTA sends a clear message of solidarity and compassion, showing that it is firmly committed to actively participating in addressing pressing global challenges.

Good Health ­& Well-being

ECTA Handelsgesellschaft mbH significantly contributes to the third goal of the United Nations for sustainable development through targeted initiatives. The company implements robust human rights policies to ensure respect and dignity for all employees and stakeholders. By adhering to strict health and safety standards, ECTA promotes a safe and healthy work environment. Training programs improve employee knowledge and well-being, while home office options support work-life balance and reduce stress. Together, these efforts create a healthier and more supportive workplace.


ECTA Handelsgesellschaft mbH is committed to promoting the fifth goal of the United Nations for sustainable development by promoting gender equality and empowering women. The company provides equal employment opportunities and enforces anti-discrimination policies to maintain an inclusive culture. ECTA ensures fair compensation for all genders and maintains a balanced ratio between men and women, underscoring its commitment to gender parity and employee empowerment.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

ECTA Handelsgesellschaft mbH is committed to promoting the eighth goal of the United Nations for sustainable development by fostering sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work. The company has guidelines for talent development and retention to ensure that employees have access to continuous learning and career development. ECTA provides benefits that go beyond legal requirements, demonstrating its commitment to employee and environmental well-being. The company adheres to fair labor practices, ensures safe working conditions, guarantees fair treatment, and respects labor rights. These efforts improve employee engagement and contribute to broader economic stability and growth.

Responsible Consump­tion & Production

ECTA actively works to minimize its environmental impact by reducing waste, efficiently managing resources, and supporting plastic recycling. In collaboration with producers, the company employs advanced techniques to reduce landfill contributions and promote a circular economy. These measures highlight ECTA’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain.


As an active member of the NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), ECTA Handelsgesellschaft mbH is committed to environmentally friendly practices and passionately strives to reduce its ecological footprint. Through a variety of measures, the company demonstrates its profound commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future. These long-term efforts not only help minimize the negative impact on the environment but also demonstrate a clear path to creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

Peace, Justice &
­Strong Institutions

ECTA Handelsgesellschaft mbH is committed to promoting the sixteenth goal of the United Nations for sustainable development by promoting ethical business practices. The company has comprehensive anti-corruption policies to ensure transparency and accountability. ECTA promotes a culture of integrity by embedding ethical behavior at all levels. Beyond compliance, the company promotes peace, justice, and strong institutions through fair trade practices and the protection of human rights. These measures contribute to a fairer and more inclusive society.


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