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Additives & Masterbatches

ECTA offers wide range of high quality Additives-masterbatches, which can be used as processing aids or as additives for improvement product properties. Additive concentrates are used during processing of PE, PP, PS, PA.


Our product range of additive-batches:
Anti-blocking agent, slip agent, anti-slip agents, anti-drip agent, flame retardants, UV-stabilizers, thermal (anti oxidant) stabilizers, processing aids, purge compounds, antistatic agents, fillers, form release agent, cell modifier (foam industry), elasticity additive (foam industry), motive agent (foam industry).

Black/White Masterbatch

For various applications

ECTA offers wide range of high quality products based on polyolefine-and PS with different pigment content. These products are used for blow moulding and injection-moulding goods.

Color Masterbatch

ECTA offers a wide range of color masterbatch products, based on PE, PP, PS and PA.

Besides standard products, masterbatches are manufactured in customized versions, based on color samples and adjusted to the polymer to be pigmented.